Health Care for Everyone 
In the Free Market

Imagine for a moment standing at a portal which promises better health, where you learn about ways to improve your health, look better, feel better and live longer.  Your risks are shared through Mutual Insurance , historically, the means relied on by Americans for most of our history.  

The Health Portal is our entry program which provides you with entirely safe treatments which work to improve your health and emotional well being.  Health Portal also provides you will the most up to date information on each of these via Caring, our newsletter.   

Members also receive other important benefits, for instance our app, Eco-Emergency Alert, which helps them understand the environmental hazards in their own areas.  If you find you were impacted we can help you recover and also provide information for holding those accountable liable for the damage.  

Imagine health care you take with you if you change jobs or move. Health Portal gives you exactly what you need and want, including the alternative treatments which you are now denied.  Imagine options which are now beyond your means.  All of this will be available.  As you read this we are working on providing it to you. 

Expect your cost for health care to drop, to have more time for thinking about other things than how long you are going to spend in the doctors office or how many medications you are taking.  

Look over the site, read the links, pause to consider how much your medical and dental expenses are today and whether or not you have better uses for that money.  

Be well - and be seeing you soon!

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